Monday, February 1, 2010

today is post day for the first theme of Textile Abstraction quilt challenge group:

The choice of my theme « walls » was not taken at random. In effect its a long time I’m fascinated of old weathered walls, brick walls in old houses, paint who scrapes of and make interesting shapes and design, altered color on weather exposed walls and so on.

At the time we created the group I already had visited an interesting exhibition of photographs about the wall of Berlin.

I started with a mind mapping about the theme and found some interesting aspects: there are a few famous walls in the world, walls can protect, imprison, retain and bear, but there are also walls in our minds. Not a long time ago Swiss people decided to not allow the construction of minarets in Switzerland, for me this is a wall too! So many possibilities that I could work on for a long time!

But sincerely, with Christmas, New Year, my work, and at least my family, two month where not enough time to develop some deeper meanings, so I decided for a simple brick wall.

The materials I used are photograph prints, paper, paint and my « red brick » is entirely sewed with the machine.


Pamela Price Klebaum said...

There is a wonderful communication going on in this piece among all the elements. It is quite wonderful.

Bea said...

Thank you Pamela!