Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hommage to Beethoven

Hello every body, I completely forgott to post the music Theme work of Textile abstractions to my blog: I must Admitt , MUSIC hasn't been a easy theme for me. I had some difficulties to represent what music really means to me. In my younger years I had some piano lessons and since that time I prefer classic music for slow down and meditating, even if I listen to all kind of music, but Rock 'n Roll for me is better when I'm cleaning up the house.

So my choice is Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the most acclaimed and influencial composer and pianist of all time. I not only like the music he componed but also admire him because he sufferd from a tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and became compleatly deaf. One of his most known symphony is the ninth, written in complete deafness!

I used bleach discharged fabrics, calligraphy and its all stiched by machine.

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