Wednesday, October 27, 2010

masterclass in Cadro

About the masterclass I had  two weeks ago in Cadro with Linda Colsh:
first of all, the students where working over a whole year, making excercises, researches and learning about design and finding their own voice in their artwork, really I have to addmitt it was not such easy one could think, and there's still a lot of work to doe. All the monthly assignments where too much for me and I simply not had the time to elaborate and deepen all the possibilities. But Linda did a great job and I'm sure with the time I will go back and making more exercises, more elaborations and deepen a lot of arguments treated in all the months behind.
When I presented in Cadro for the 4 days workshop I first felt a little angry, I was used to participate in classes where the teacher showed us new technics, new materials and so on. But this time we had to work on our own work, a series we started during the year, we solely had the information that Linda would make us do some more exercises, discuss students work one by one.
Its difficult to explain what happened during this 4 days: the class was simply superb, a lot of already known people that  I usually met in Cadro for other textile classes and a few "new" ones. The ambiance was great, everybody was interested to discuss and share with other students the own work. I loved the way  we had discussions between students about how to go on with a work or a color choice, a mark to apply, technics where shared and I really appreciated to work togheter with all this people. Linda was, like always, the best, we had a lot of interesting inputs, good advices and critique, and obviously also some prosecco! Thanks a lot to Linda and also to Marlis.

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For copyright reasons and to guarantee the privacy of each students work the class agreed to not publish photografs of other students work.

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