Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birmingham the festival of Quilt!

For the very first time I have been in Birmingham this year. I was so excited to finally see the festival of Quilt that has been described to me from several persons before and I absolutely had to go there! Walking through all those empty corridors from NEC Air rail arrive to the exhibit halls at Thursday afternoon I was first wondering where all those people who should have been there was gone. But once arrived at the right hall there was no doubt! Hundred and hundred of women! And some rare man too! The first day I practically run through the exhibition looking for some orientation in all this people walking around. The second day, Friday, I decided to visit systematically all the exhibit stands. I was overwhelmed by the multitude of works exposed: from antique traditional American quilts, new traditional works, art quilts, three-dimensional works, school exhibits, clothes, stands where everything and more could be acquired and more and more.
I meet up with some people I already new, had two lectures and finally I was so tired after spending 2 days at the hall that Saturday at noon I felt I could no more resist to all those people, I had to go out spending some time in drawing and reading a book.
I’m quit satisfied from my visit in Birmingham I saw a lot of real good works but was also stunning about some qualitative low work exhibited.

I can’t remember all the artists names I took photographs, so see some pics of what I personally wanted to photograph.

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Connie Rose said...

Thanks for posting the photos of FOQ. I'm sure I'll never make it there so it's nice to see some of it. Sounds like you had an awe-inspiring time!